Here at Between the Grinds, we want to unite people with our appetite for good coffee and even better books. Our mission is to strengthen the opinions of the community through the expression of knowledge and the power of literacy. Our employees are passionate about developing our community’s literacy through reading programs and services. We empower the individual to create, experience, and endure among friends.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I’d be interested to know what your top 5 coffee shops in Austin are. Have you ever made a list? Any of them provide both good coffee and good books?


  2. I don’t really know of any great book stores that offer great coffee or vice versa. I’m definitely an addict when it comes to coffee though. I usually stick to whats in my area but here is the top five that I’ve experience in Austin.
    1. Summer Moon
    2. Houndstooth
    3. Wright Bros Brew & Brew
    4. Once Over
    5. El Tacorrido (This is a taco stand but I’m obsessed with their equinox. It’s a heavenly mix of horchata with shots of espresso.)

    Try them out. Enjoy.


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