Brewing with Mother Earth

Coffee, Literacy, Poetry

April is National Gardening month and Earth Day is right around the corner so we’re getting our garden ready at Between the Grinds. Let’s grow something together.

Did you know you can use coffee grounds to make your garden grow? Well, you can. Adding coffee grounds to your soil will repel slugs, keep the topsoil moist, and help boost plant growth. Ask us for our coffee grounds if you’re planting a garden this summer. Our grounds are free.

Visit this page for more information on how coffee grounds can benefit your garden

Isn’t Nature Romantic?

Romanticism was a literary movement that reflected on the beauty and simplicity found in nature. William Blake was one of the Romantic poets who could unveil the true face of mother nature with his words.

William Blake

William Blake

Need a little romanticizing?

Visit us at Between the Grinds and ask any of our employees to help your find the perfect book to romanticize with this Spring. We have books on poetry and even entire collections for your perusal.

We’re selling seedlings.

We have a limited availability so get them while you can. These seedlings were grown by our wonderful Reading Between the Grinds volunteers. We have herbs, vegetables, and flower seedlings waiting for a home in your garden. All proceeds go to benefit literacy in our community. Support literacy today!

How are you spending your Earth Day?


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