3 Effective Methods for Boosting Literacy in your Community


Literacy is very important to the development of your community. People who struggle with literacy have difficulty communicating their needs and expressing their opinions. Together we must help the illiterate overcome the obstacles that plague their lives. Between the Grinds is an excellent place to begin positively impacting the literacy rate in your community.

Reading Between the Grinds

Volunteer at our weekly literacy program. Reading Between the Grinds is dedicated to improving the literacy in our community. These weekly classes are fueled by our volunteers and certified educators. Everyone works together to empower the individuals struggling to overcome illiteracy. Give us a call to schedule a volunteer session.

Read to your Children

Studies have shown that reading with your children greatly impacts their literacy rate. Committing to a daily story time with your children not only helps them learn to read, but also forges a family bond. For more facts about children’s literacy, please visit the National Education Association site.

Busy Schedule?

Bring your child to Between the Grinds. We have an interactive Story Time every day at 5pm.

Donate your Books

Between the Grinds is always accepting book donations. We even accept magazines and comic books. All donations are used to stock our library and fuel our reading programs. The community thrives off of your generosity because Between the Grinds offers all donated reading materials free for the public’s perusal.

Little Free Library

Little Libraries are sweeping the nation. These mini book stations are great for free book exchanges. Do you want to start a free library in your neighborhood? Visit LittleFreeLibrary.org to learn how.

Book Donations
Book Donations

Connect with Between the Grinds and let us know your ideas for improving literacy in your community. What books would you want to share with others?


13 thoughts on “3 Effective Methods for Boosting Literacy in your Community

  1. Great post. I’m glad you mentioned the part about reading to children! Children’s minds are like sponges and have the capability to absorb anything thrown at them. If more parents took an interest in their child’s education literacy could be drastically decreased if not become obsolete one day.


    1. MusicMenders, I don’t know who I would be if my mother had not read to me every day. I love nothing more than curling up with a good book because of her dedication to reading. I really do believe that more kids would love reading if their parents could take the time to share a book with them.

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  2. Now this is an outstanding post! As much as I love music, I think this post will get my vote for this week’s favorite. I am currently reading “Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain. The old Missouri dialect is pretty thick in the original version. However, I am wading through it. I am also a big fan of George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut, and Sherman Alexie.


      1. “Breakfast of Champions” is his other biggest selling novel. It has some off-color language, but it is an outstanding work of literature.


  3. Great post on the importance of reading, especially to children. Growing up I always loved to read. Some of my favourite authors were, Wilbur Smith, Hammond Innes and James Herriot. These are all British authors. James Herriot was a veterinary practitioner and his books are hilarious. Hammond Innes is an action/adventure writer, while Wilbur Smith writes history-based adventures. I also like reading non-fiction books by scientists such George Smoot’s “Wrinkles in Time: Witness to the Birth of the Universe.” as well as “Genesis and the Big Bang” by Gerald L. Schroeder, Ph. D. another scientist. Another great book is “The Colditz Story” which is about World War II soldiers imprisoned in a high security Nazi-run castle and their many attempts to escape. This was written by P.R. Reid, M.B.E., M.C. It was adapted into a TV series “Colditz” which I watched way back in the late 1970’s.


  4. Wow. Reading to kids is so important; thank you for that! Even as a little kiddo I had memorized “The Pokey Little Puppy” and would quote along as my mom read to me. Good memories. I read by night light through a lot of elementary school because I didn’t want to go to bed.


    1. As a child, my mom would read Golden Books and The Bernstein Bears to me all the time. I feel that it is so important that parent’s show their kids how fun books can be. We need to keep passing on the love for books with our families because we live in a world where children are more often seen with an iPad than a storybook.


  5. This is an awesome blog post Jodi! The one book that I remember the most from my childhood that I know kids would love is ‘Go, Dog. Go!’. In middle school I was an avid reader of the ‘Gregor the Overlander – Underland Chronicles’ book series written by Suzanne Collins (before the Hunger Games!) and would read the books over and over. I believe that book series helped me stay connected with books throughout my middle school years and up into high school. It’s a great 5 book series that I’m sure kids nowadays would enjoy to read!


  6. I really like your blog! Literacy is such an important issue, and reading to children so important in teaching them a love of reading. Some of my favorite books for young adults/older children are: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Scott Westerfeld’s “Uglies” series, and A Wrinkle in Time (one of my favorites as a kid).


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