The Soapbox

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Yes, we actually have a soap box for you to stand on.

 Between the Grinds wants to provide a safe place for people in our community to express their opinions and have educated conversations about their topics. Every hour we invite anyone, big or small, to stand on our soap box and talk about what makes them tick. These topics range from the controversial to the creative. We ask that everyone be respectful and attentive to anyone willing to take the stand.

Why a soap box?

Throughout history, shipping containers were used for speeches. Some of these wooden crates just so happened to be for the shipment of soap to retail businesses. These discarded containers were free and easily accessible in the alleyways of businesses. If someone wanted a little attention, they would use these makeshift oratory platforms to gain some height over a crowd so their voices could be heard. Need a little history lesson? Check out this article on soapbox speeches.

Fear not

The soap box is our way of helping you conquer your fears of public speaking. Everyone has one voice that deserves to be heard. Do not let fear silence you.


For some people, picturing everyone in their underwear isn’t enough. When all eyes are on you, how do you cope?

Find your passion.

It’s easy to speak about a topic that interests you. Do you like Harry Potter? Tell us why. Let everyone know why you think J.K. Rolling is the bees knees. Are you a fierce feminist? That’s great. Tell us why Feminism is important to you and why it should be important to everyone else. Find your passion and the words will come easily to you.

Practice makes perfect.

Practice your speech in front of a mirror. This will allow you to develop confidence and see how you appear to your audience. Also, practice in your comfort zones with friends and family. Let them know about your concerns and ask for suggestions.

Need more speech tips. Visit for more help on overcoming your fear of public speaking.

Your speech doesn’t have to be a rant.

Between the Grinds wants everyone to embrace the freedom of speech but we do not want your topics to be offensive. We ask that you do not verbally attack any religious, political, or social groups. The soap box is for educated speeches and discussions. Between the Grinds is a home for people from all backgrounds and any disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.

Are you afraid of public speaking? Do you have tips on surviving the spotlight? Please share your speech experiences with us.


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