The Battle Against Illiteracy


 Literacy is so important to the prosperity of the community.

Did you know that 1 in 4 children in the United States are illiterate? According to, approximately 36 million adults struggle in their daily lives because of insufficient education. Illiteracy has also been linked to unemployment and incarceration. These statistics are tragic. As you can see, reading and writing skills are vital to the success of our young students and their future. We need to unite as a community to fight against illiteracy.

To learn more about how illiteracy affects our community please visit

What is Between the Grinds doing?

Our weekly reading program, Reading Between the Grinds, caters to adults and children. Our certified teachers create individual plans for each participant and work towards reading goals. Reading Between the Grinds services are free to anyone who wants to improve their literacy level.

We’re bringing back the classics by handing out Dick and Jane books at our workshops. These books are great for kids just learning to decipher small sentences.

Everyone struggles.

If you’re an illiterate adult, don’t be afraid to join in our adult literacy program. We have multiple classes available throughout the week to cater to your busy schedule. Plan your class with us today.

How can you improve literacy?

Between the Grinds is always accepting volunteers to help out at our weekly reading workshops. We offer literacy support to children and adults. You can be a part of our volunteer team today.

Commit to story time with your children. Studies show it is important to encourage reading at a young age. Books are tremendous tools that will open your child’s mind and encourage creativity.

Do you have a teen struggling with reading? Between the Grinds is a home for people of all ages to find help for their literacy problems. We want you to take advantage of our public services. Please visit us today.


We also encourage our friends to volunteer at their nearest public library. Libraries are important social venues in our community. Without their vital public services, literacy would have a stranglehold on our developing communities. Please visit the Austin Public Library’s Volunteer Services site to join us in strengthening our branches.

How do you feel about literacy? What ideas do you have for improving literacy in your community?


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